Bachelor of Mathematics / Computer Science

University of Queensland, The (UQ)

Jenis institusi: Universitas/Lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi
Tingkat: Sarjana
CRICOS: 00025B

This four-year dual program will provide you with a focused background in computer science, and in-depth knowledge and expertise you'll gain through the mathematics program.Computer science combines the theoretical studies of algorithms and data structures with practical training in implementing them in hardware and software systems. Skills learnt in this program are used in fields ranging from bioinformatics to digital humanities.You'll develop the strong analytical, logical and development expertise necessary to advance computing and its applications. You can specialise in cyber security, data science, machine learning, programming languages or scientific computing.In the mathematics component, you'll develop a comprehensive specialised knowledge in one field of mathematics or a high level of sophistication in the applications of mathematics generally.Modern computation, advances in scientific technology and the increasing production of data have all increased how mathematics is applied beyond traditional areas, opening up your career opportunities to include fields such as finance, economics, information technology and molecular biology.

Informasi Studi

KampusBiayaAsupan pertengahan tahunKehadiran
St Lucia International: $201,760 Yes
  • Full-time : 4 years

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