Bachelor of Business Management / Laws (Honours)

University of Queensland, The (UQ)

Jenis institusi: Universitas/Lembaga Pendidikan Tinggi
Tingkat: Sarjana
CRICOS: 00025B

The Bachelor of Business Management / Bachelor of Laws (Honours) is for anyone interested in developing the knowledge and self-confidence to effectively manage a wide range of business environments.Under the business program, you'll complete a range of courses that cover concepts relevant across the business world. You'll study topics including accounting, economics, marketing, business information systems, organisational behaviour, management and more.During your studies, you'll hear from guest lecturers from industry, examine real-life case studies and undertake projects, placements and internships with leading businesses.Through your law studies, you'll develop a sophisticated understanding of the law that will see you develop practical legal skills and stimulate thoughtful debate with a focus on ethical and social responsibility.UQ Law is proud to be the oldest law school in Queensland and one of Australia’s leading law schools, with strong working relationships with the community and the legal fraternity. Through these relationships, our students influence the law and its institutions for the benefit of society.

Informasi Studi

KampusBiayaAsupan pertengahan tahunKehadiran
St Lucia International: $240,800 Yes
  • Full-time : 5 years

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